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Boiler Repair


Do you need an urgent repair for your boiler in Knowle, Dorridge or Solihull? MJC Plumbing and Heating can help, with emergency appointments to suit you, and a fast effective service.

Here when you need us for boiler and central heating repair

Because we know that your day to day life depends on heating and hot water, if your boiler fails we can be there with a solution ASAP.

And because customer satisfaction is our number one priority, we provide a no obligation quote, competitive rates and work with professionalism and respect for your home.

Does your boiler need repairing to prevent a breakdown?

There are many working parts in any boiler, and modern boilers in particular use complex systems. If there is any sign that part of your appliance has malfunctioned then getting a professional opinion could save you time and money.

Have you noticed:

  • Reduced performance – irregular hot water or ineffective central heating?
  • Unusual sounds – any unexplained or loud noises could be a sign that something is wrong or that parts have been affected by wear and tear.
  • Warning lights or high/low pressure – check your appliance’s user manual, but if there is no straightforward answer, make sure you get an expert to ensure it is functioning safely.

If you think there may be a problem, getting the help of a specialist can give you the reassurance of knowing your appliance is safe and functioning well, and acting early could prevent a costly breakdown just around the corner.

Keeping your boiler in top condition

The best way to prevent boiler failure is with a regular boiler service. This will keep all your boiler’s parts functioning well and pick up on any emerging problems.

Get in touch to find out more about repair and servicing for your central heating or boiler in Knowle, Dorridge, Solihull and the surrounding areas.

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