The four most important reasons for an annual boiler service

Aside from it being a legal requirement, there are many practical and safety based reasons for having a boiler service check carried out at your business in Solihull or in the case of domestic house owners to maintain the warranty on their boiler.

Stay Safe

An annual boiler service helps keep you and others in your household safe. While servicing boilers in Solihull, we encounter many minor issues that we can immediately resolve that can, over time, become more expensive problems if undetected. It also enables to check for carbon monoxide and ensure there are no leaks.

Boost Your Bank Balance

A boiler is full of dozens of different components susceptible to wear and tear, which is why an annual check is essential. As these parts degrade, the boiler becomes less efficient, meaning it requires more energy to power the central heating system. Regularly maintaining and replacing any faulty parts help keep your boiler ticking over and the heating bills down.

Avoid Inconvenient Breakdowns

On a chilly winter morning, the last thing anyone needs is to find their boiler is on the blink, and there’s no hot water. An annual boiler service might seem like an unnecessary inconvenience, but ultimately it will save you money, keep your hot water flowing and prevent any emergency call-outs.

Maintain the Warranty

Most boiler manufacturers will offer free of charge repair for up to fifteen years, providing you have it serviced annually by a registered Gas Safe engineer. At MJC, we offer a competitive and first-rate boiler service in Solihull that is thorough, professional and efficient. To book your annual service, call us today.