Understanding the pressure in your boiler

Low boiler pressure: What to look out for

If you’ve ever seen the display on your boiler flashing with an error message, there’s a good chance you have an issue with the pressure in your boiler. The pressure reading on your boiler indicates the pressure of the hot water within a central heating system.

What should the pressure be in your boiler?

All boilers have a pressure gauge located on the front of the unit. Most are now digital displays, but some of the older versions with the needle still exist in Solihull. As a general rule, your boiler’s pressure should be between one and two bars at all times, and for a more accurate measure, you can check the instructions. If the pressure falls below one, there is a strong possibility your central heating will cease working, and you will find yourself without hot water.

What can you do to prevent low boiler pressure?

Eventually, all boilers will lose pressure over several years due to wear and tear, but an unexpected and significant reduction in pressure could be a sign of a substantial issue. There are checks you can make at home in Solihull before calling in the professionals, such as looking for water leaks in cold spots in radiators. When the air gets trapped in radiators, it can cause pressure to drop, but by bleeding the radiators, you can restore the pressure to a working range.

If you can’t restore the pressure

Then you should immediately call in an expert. At MJC, our boiler technicians are highly skilled and vastly experienced. We provide a professional, friendly and cost-effective service that can ensure your boiler is soon delivering hot water to your property again. For boiler repairs in Solihull for both domestic and commercial properties, contact us today.