Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas For kids

Designing a bathroom can be very rewarding. It doesn’t matter if you are renovating your existing bathroom or starting from scratch. Try to think of the theme, colors & decoration. If you do this then things are more likely to match and you are sure to create that wow factor. So if you are designing a bathroom for your kids read these suggestions:-

  1. Install Downsized Bathroom:-  First thing that one should remember is the height of the bathroom fixtures, these should be at child level. Install Lower sinks, soft flooring and a fun decor.
  2. Bathroom Themes :- There are different themes for children’s bathrooms. You can choose themes like an underwater experience, jungles ,princess or pirates. You may want to use stickers that can be removed in due course.
  3. Bathroom Colours:-  Choose colour that matches the theme you have selected. Children prefer bright colours and you can also paint images on wall that suit your theme.
  4. Fixtures:-  Choose fixtures that will create a friendly and safe environment for your child. If your child is younger then use a soft shower curtain and when they grow up then you can install hard glass door. Their should be enough storage space in the form of racks and cupboards.
  5. Safety and Accessibility:-  Safety is one of the important point, choose a non slip bath tub and non slip bath mats. Use rounded ended bathroom hooks and counter taps which can’t hurt your child.